This small resort in the northwest of Cyprus attracts lovers of combined beach and nature holidays. It lies on the edge of the beautiful Akamas peninsula, on the northwestern tip of the Troodos Mountains. Not far from the centre of the town you can swim at Latsi (Latchi) beach.

Hotels and accommodation Polis Chrysochous

The resort is often shortened to just "Polis" or even "Poli" after the nearby town of Polis Chrysochous, which serves as the centre of the region and is located about 3 km from Latchi beach.

Beaches and swimming

The main beach of the resort is the relatively small Latsi Beach , about 200 metres long and 15 metres wide, about 3 km from the centre of Polis. Here you will find several restaurants, a sunbed rental service and also a range of water sports.

A slightly longer beach lies further west and is called Yannakis.

Both beaches are covered with small pebbles mixed with sand, the entrance to the water is very gentle but a little rocky. Around the main beach of Latchi you will find plenty of restaurants with nice sea views.

Boat trips

Just off Latsi beach is the marina, from which boat trips are organised along the coast, especially towards the Akamas peninsula to the Blue Lagoon, some of which include snorkelling.

Alkion has the most offers in its portfolio, with prices starting at 15 eur for a 4-hour cruise.


Although Latchi is more of a smaller resort, the choice of accommodation is plentiful, especially with the smaller hotels and apartments. Prices here are slightly lower than in Paphos or Ayia Napa and even in high season you can get under 90 eur per night for 2.


Polis is 41km north of Paphos and as well as by car, it can be reached by a frequent bus service. All tickets cost 1,50 eur / one ride or 5 eur per day on all routes

Check the timetables of the major tourist lines:

  • Line 622: Polis Chrysochous - Latchi Beach - Yannakis Beach - Aphrodite's Baths
  • Line 645: Polis Chrysochous - Paphos
  • Line 623: Polis Chrysochous - Latsi beach - Neo Chorio
  • Line 648: Polis Chrysochous - Coral Bay

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