Интернет и гнезда в Кипър


Find out whether you will need an adaptor for a power socket when you travel to Cyprus, or how widely available internet and mobile phone signals are.

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Electricity and sockets

The electricity grid in Cyprus operates at 50 Hz and with a terminal voltage of 240 V. However, due to its links with the UK, there are British sockets which are different to the rest of Europe. Cyprus is one of the few European countries to which you will need an adaptor for the sockets.

The sockets and plugs used in Cyprus are 'British', i.e. type G with three rectangular holes. Each socket even has its own switch (usually right next to the socket holes) where you can turn off the electricity supply to it. Bohemian plugs and appliances always need an adaptor for these types of sockets, including mobile phones or shavers.

  • Sockets - G
  • Voltage - 230 V
  • Frequency - 50 Hz


Cyprus is part of the EU, so your mobile data will work without roaming charges for all EU, Iceland, Norway or UK citizens. Internet coverage in Cyprus is very good in the coastal areas, sometimes weaker in the mountains.

BEWARE when travelling to Northern Cyprus, which is outside the EU and where you will pay a lot of extra for data. So be sure to disable your data roaming before crossing the border to avoid unpleasant bills.

Public wi-fi networks are offered by the vast majority of hotels and guesthouses and are available in many of the larger restaurants.


The same rules apply to calling in Cyprus for EU, Norwegian and UK mobile operators as you would for domestic calls.

So you'll call home from Cyprus at the same prices and tariffs as you would if you lived in the EU, Norway or the UK. Don't expect any extra roaming charges when you travel to Cyprus.

If you're from outside the EU, get Cyprus data e-sim quickly and easily on the web airalo.com.

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