Времето в Кипър и най-доброто време за посещение


The weather in Cyprus is pleasant all year round. The summers are dry and rainless, while in winter a few drops sometimes fall. The sea temperature is around 25 degrees and the summer lasts up to 8 months.

Winters are mild and temperatures can reach 20 degrees. In mid-summer, expect temperatures in excess of 30 degrees on the coast, and over 35 degrees inland. Summer nights are pleasant with temperatures over 20 degrees.

Choose the season that suits you best and book your holiday in Cyprus.

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Air temperatures and when it rains the most

Whenever you're going to Cyprus, check out what weather you can expect in Cyprus in each month, when it rains the most and least and when it's warmest.

Weather in January

The first month of the year in Cyprus is 'April weather' with frequent light showers interspersed with sunny skies. Normal temperatures reach 17°C (63°F), but can drop to 7°C (45°F) in the evenings and mornings, and snow falls in the highest parts of the Troodos Mountains at this time.

Weather in February

February weather in Cyprus is very similar to January. Average temperatures hover around 17°C, with frequent showers, but these are short-lived and won't significantly restrict your exploration of the towns and villages. Even during February, snow still lies on the summits of the Troodos Mountains and skiing is still possible.

Weather in March

Temperatures rise slowly in March, with the highest daily average being around 19°C, although it is still cold in the mornings and evenings (even below 10°C). Rain showers are less frequent than in winter, but it does rain occasionally, especially in the southern parts of the island.

March is thus an ideal month for exploring the towns and sights.

Weather in April

April sees spring in full swing in Cyprus. Daytime temperatures regularly reach 22°C, rain is rare, but nature is still saturated with water from the winter and everything is blooming beautifully. The southern slopes of Troodos are lush green, as are the forests of Akamas National Park.

Mostly sunny weather with little chance of extremes encourages exploring Cyprus both in the countryside and in the cities.

Weather in May

May in Cyprus is the first month when air temperatures regularly rise above the summer high of 25°C. Rain is rare and sunny days dominate the month.

Wait until the end of May for a dip in the sea, when the water in shallow waters is already over 20°C.

Weather in June

In June, the weather in Cyprus gets into full summer mode. Average temperatures soar to 30°C, but there are no exceptions to the sweltering 35°C heat that can only be escaped in the mountains. Rain in June is a rare occurrence, as are clouds in the sky.

The sea is already pleasantly warm all along the coast - the summer season is in full swing.

Weather in July

Holidays in Cyprus are marked by high temperatures averaging over 32°C and cloudless skies. July is especially good for sunbathing and swimming in the sea, while the high temperatures are not good for exploring the towns and sights.

The only cooler weather is in the forested mountains of Troodos, where hiking can be resorted to for a few days.

Weather in August

August is the hottest month of the year, with average temperatures around 33 °C. However, maximum temperatures of over 40 °C are not exceptional, making it virtually impossible to do anything other than sunbathing and swimming in the sea.

You won't get too cold even in the sea, whose water is over 30 °C. Rainfall in August is rare and there are no summer storms.

Weather in September

September in Cyprus hasn't lost any of its summer flavour. Temperatures are considerably more pleasant than during the holidays, when they are normally around a more pleasant 30 °C. It doesn't rain at all in September in Cyprus, with rainfall being quite exceptional across the island.

The water temperature is then almost the same as the air temperature, normally around 30 °C.

Weather in October

Summer in October? No problem in Cyprus. Air temperatures average around 28 °C, as does the temperature of the water in the sea.

Rain is also exceptional in October, with very light showers more common towards the end of October and into November.

Weather in November

It is only in November that the summer weather slowly fades away, with average temperatures dropping to 22 °C, but days with temperatures over 25 °C are no exception.

Rainfall is also increasing, but no long-lasting showers can be expected, with an average of 5 days of rain per month, and only for a few dozen minutes.

Weather in December

December is the rainiest month in Cyprus with normal rainfall around 95 mm. This means fairly frequent showers, but they don't bother as much as in the same period in colder continental Europe.

In fact, average December temperatures rise to around 18°C.

Sea temperatures and when to swim in Cyprus

Cyprus is the destination with the longest bathing season in Europe. The sea water starts to warm up as early as May, when it is regularly over 21 °C at the end of the month.

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Temperatures vary only slightly from resort to resort.

In Cyprus, you can comfortably bathe between May and November, when sea temperatures normally exceed 20 °C.

  • May - 22 °C
  • June - 24 °C
  • July - 27 °C
  • August - 30 °C
  • September - 30 °C
  • October - 28 °C
  • November - 26 °C

During winter the sea cools down to between 18 and 20 °C.

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Таблица на температурите през годината

Cyprus - Weather the same for the whole island

15 °C
18 °C
15 °C
17 °C
17 °C
17 °C
22 °C
18 °C
26 °C
21 °C
30 °C
24 °C
32 °C
27 °C
32 °C
28 °C
30 °C
28 °C
28 °C
26 °C
20 °C
23 °C
16 °C
20 °C

Кога да отидете в Кипър

When to go to Cyprus depends on exactly what you expect from your holiday.

Swimming and summer activities

As hinted at above, Cyprus has a long summer season. For a typical beach holiday, you can head to Cyprus anytime from late May to late October, when you can enjoy very warm seas and high air temperatures.

Beware of the summer holiday period, i.e. July and August. Temperatures can reach as high as an extreme 40°C and these months are really only suitable for beach holidays. Logically, this is also the time of year when accommodation and services are at their highest, rising to double the normal prices.

Sightseeing and hiking

Cyprus is a year-round destination for non-beach activities. You can go exploring the cities and sights at any time.

If hiking is the main focus of your holiday, head to Cyprus between March and May, or from October to November when temperatures are at their most pleasant.

And if you want to experience something truly unusual and take advantage of Europe's southernmost ski resort, head to Cyprus in January or February.

Hotels and accommodation in Cyprus

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