Какво да правите в Малта


How to have fun in Malta? Where are the most beautiful beaches and where are the sights?

Beaches and swimming

Although Malta doesn't occupy the top spot in terms of the number and length of beautiful, semi-empty, golden sand beaches, it's still one of the top summer destinations. Beaches are fewer in number, but they are available to all types of travellers.

Lovers of beautiful and dramatic natural scenery will enjoy it, with stone cliffs that stand out at sunrises and sunsets. Families with children will also enjoy the several beaches with fine sand, calm seas and gentle entry into the water, and of course snorkelling and diving enthusiasts.

Best beach hotels - Malta

Beautiful beaches can be found on all the main islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino. But what are the most beautiful and best beaches in Malta?

Sandy beaches and beaches for children

You won't find many long sandy beaches in Malta, but there are some. They may not be kilometres long, but they're big enough for a comfortable day out, with plenty of facilities in the form of restaurants and water attractions, and good accessibility.

All of them also have a very gradual entrance to the sea, making them suitable for even the smallest children. The most famous sandy beaches in Malta include:

Natural beaches and beautiful scenery

Malta is known for its rugged and dramatic rocky coastline with small coves that contain hidden mini-beaches. See what are the beaches with the most beautiful scenery:

Forgotten beaches

Even in Malta, which is small in size, you will find several forgotten beaches, which are mainly visited by locals and tourists are kept to a minimum. Among the most beautiful are the following:

Prices on the beaches

Sunbeds and umbrellas are available for rent on practically all beaches. Typically, you will pay from 15 eur to 20 eur per day for a set of two sunbeds and one umbrella, depending on the size and exposure of the beach.

Restaurants on the beaches offer main meals at prices between 20 eur and 25 eur.

Sights and history

Combining a seaside holiday with a history expedition is exactly why to go to Malta.

Something that reminds you of the ancient history of the Byzantine, Arab or Norman empires awaits you at every corner. However, some of Malta's most important sights include the megalithic temples dating back to 3,500 BC in Tarxien or Hagar Qim.

Another distinctive and still noticeable element of Maltese history are the fortresses and watchtowers literally scattered all along the coast of Malta, Gozo and Comino. The most famous and largest forts can be found near Valletta, among the most famous are Fort St. Elmo, Fort St. Angelo, Fort Rikasoli, Fort Manoel and Fort Rinella.

Watchtowers can be found along the entire coastline approximately every 5 to 10 km.

The capital city of Valletta is a historical gem with many monuments, especially from the baroque 16th century.

Malta is a strongly Catholic country and you will come across stunning churches in every village. Don't forget Malta's largest church, the rotunda in the town of Mosta. On the island of Gozo, the most famous church is the Ta'Pinu Basilica.

You should also visit the former capital Mdina with its fortified old town.


You will definitely not be deprived of nightlife. It's alive in Malta, especially in the town of St. Julian's (San Giljan) and its local area of Paceville with its streets full of clubs and bars and discos.

In the summer season, the club scene often moves outdoors. The largest outdoor club is the Gianpula Village with a capacity of over 4,000 guests, located in the middle of the island between Zebbug and historic Mdina.

Malta's nightlife is mainly dedicated to the young and students who fill the streets, promenades and bars every summer, partying until the early hours of the morning.

Prices are generally quite reasonable for Western Europe. Clubs and discos are usually free, mixed cocktails are around 10 eur, and beer ranges from 4 eur to 6 eur.

Boating around Malta

Malta and the two smaller islands of Comino and Gozo boast plenty of natural attractions, reefs, coves and underwater caves, but you can't get to them except from the sea. That's why cruises are very popular in Malta, with different companies offering different lengths of excursions, often with stops for swimming or snorkelling.

During the cruise, you can then enjoy unspoilt views of the coastline of Malta, Comino or Gozo, as well as the uninhabited islands from the sea.

The most popular are traditionally the trips to the Blue Lagoon on Comino, but these are not very cost-effective compared to the regular ferry that also goes to Comino. Much more sensible are day cruises around Malta, where you can look at the Dingli Cliffs from the sea, stop several times for a swim and discover small coves.

Examples of prices

  • Cruise to Comino Island and Blue Lagoon: around 50 eur (regular ferry costs 15 eur),
  • Day cruise around Malta with a stop on Comino: 55 eur to 70 eur

Examples of companies

Diving and snorkeling

Malta, and especially the neighbouring island of Comino, is undoubtedly one of the best places for diving and snorkelling in Europe.

Crystal clear and warm seas, a very rugged coastline, many shallow bays with calm seas and underwater caves create a mix of ideal conditions for exploring the underwater world.

You can snorkel on practically every beach, just be aware that you won't find equipment rentals everywhere. However, snorkels and fins can be purchased in 20 eur any of the larger towns at souvenir or beach goods shops.

The best places to snorkel in Malta are in the smaller quiet bays. Probably the most famous spots are the Blue Lagoon on Comino, Wied il-Ghasri or Blue Hole bays on Gozo and the natural sea pool of St. Peter's Pool near Marsaxlokk.

The best places for diving are mainly on Gozo, where you will see many underwater caves and a rich underwater life. But there are also great dive sites on Malta itself, especially on the west and south coasts, or on the island of Comino. However, one of Malta's many dive centres will always take you to the best of them.

Prices and examples of agencies

If you are new to diving, be prepared for prices starting at 60 eur for a full beginner's course or around 300 eur for a full Scuba Diving course. Scuba diving trips start at 100 eur (25 to 40 eur for each dive).

For a list of registered Dive Centers, visit the official tourist websites vistimalta.com and vistigozo.com.

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