Armier Bay

Armier Bay

Away from the main tourist currents lie two smaller natural sandy beaches in Armier Bay in the very north of the island of Malta.

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The small sandy beach also has a concrete jetty with steps into the sea. Armier Bay is mainly frequented by locals for swimming and sunbathing and is less busy than the more famous beaches.

The entrance to the water is gradual and the rugged relief around the edges of the bay makes for good snorkelling conditions.

Beach facilities and amenities

There are two restaurants right on the beach, where you can also rent sunbeds and umbrellas (up to 15 eur for a set of 2 sunbeds and an umbrella).

There are water sports on offer, especially on Little Armier Beach. Kitesurfing is particularly popular, for which the wind conditions on Malta's north coast are ideal.

Beachfront accommodation

There are no hotels or guesthouses in the immediate vicinity of Armier Bay. The nearest accommodation is near the ferry landing at Comino about 3 km from the beach, where you can stay Labranda Riviera Hotel & Spa ****.

How to get there

Armier Bay is ideal for those renting a car in Malta. The village is easily accessible from the main road leading to the ferry port towards Gozo. Turn off at the roundabout above Ghadira beach and drive about 2.5 km along the narrow road. The turn-off to Armier Bay is signposted.

There are no buses to Armier Bay, the nearest bus stop is in the village of Mafra, but from there it is at least a 30 minute walk.

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