Sentry Hill

Sentry Hill

The highest hill in the Dutch part of the island rises to a height of 340 metres and, unlike the highest mountain on the island, Pic Paradis, there is a cable car to the top.

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In fact, however, the highest point of Dutch St. Martin lies on the border with France (about 365 metres), but the peak of Mount Flagstaff is already fully French.

Adrenaline on the world's steepest zip-line

Step out of your comfort zone and experience an extraordinary activity. From the top of Sentry Hill, the steepest zip line in the world leads down, overcoming a height difference of over 320 metres at 853 metres.

Another shorter and slower zip line leads from the top of the hill to the top station of the cable car.

The ascent of Sentry Hill

Although there is a hiking trail to the summit, it is in poor condition, overgrown and unmarked. On the map the route looks like this.

Most hikers therefore climb Sentry Hill via the chairlift, which is part of the Adventure Park.

Attraction prices and opening times

All attractions at Sentry Hill are operated by Rainforest Adventures. Detailed information and online ticketing can be found on the website:

The cable car, zip line and restaurant at the top are open daily from 11:00-16:00.

  • Return lift ticket - 59 usd
  • Steepest Zip Line "Flying Dutchman" – 109 usd
  • Slide ride on the inflatable ring + short Zip Line at the top - 89 usd
  • 3 in 1 (both Zip Lines + slide ride) - 159 usd

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