Интернет и гнезда в Синт Маартен

Сен Мартен

Will you need a power socket reducer when you travel to St. Martin? And what is the availability of internet and wi-fi networks?

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Electricity and power sockets

Sockets and plugs and voltage are different in the French and Dutch parts.

Dutch part

  • Sockets - A and B (American)
  • Voltage - 110 V (sometimes 220 V)
  • Frequency - 60 Hz

French part

  • Sockets - C and E (European)
  • Voltage - 220 V
  • Frequency - 60 Hz


Free wi-fi is available in all hotels, resorts and is offered by the vast majority of operators of private guesthouses or apartments.

In public places, free wi-fi is available in restaurants or fast-food outlets.

If you don't want to be delayed upon arrival, get a St. Martin's Day e-sim on the web in advance. airalo.com.

Mobile data for Europeans

If you're a sim card holder from the European Union, Norway, Iceland or the UK, you can call and use data at the same prices as at home, but only on the French half of the island.

The Dutch part of the island is not covered by European roaming.

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