Туристическа виза за Синт Маартен

Сен Мартен

Do I need a visa to travel to Sint Maarten/St. Martin? Is a normal ID card sufficient for EU citizens to travel?


Although the visa policy differs slightly in the French and Dutch parts, the vast majority of nationalities do not need a visa to stay on the island for up to 3 months.

This applies for example to all European countries, the USA, Canada or most Latin American countries.

Passport or ID card

The Dutch part of the island is not an integral part of the European Union, while the French part is.

However, you must always travel to both parts with a passport. Even if you would arrive in the French part by direct flight to Grand Case airport via the French territory of Guadeloupe, you must have a passport.

Movement between the French and Dutch sections

Although the island is divided into two distinct parts, one of which is part of the European Union and the other is not, movement between them is completely free.

When travelling by road, signs and national flags will alert you to cross the border, but there are no checks.

Customs regulations

As a consumer, you can take any goods on holiday and also bring back any goods in any quantity for personal consumption from your holiday on this island without restriction. The only exception to this free regime is goods subject to excise duty - tobacco products, alcoholic beverages or fuel.

Limited quantities of these goods may be carried within Member States for personal consumption without additional charges.

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