Parrote Ville

Parotte Park

In 2015, enthusiast and amateur ornithologist George Parrote opened his large bird aviary, originally built for his own pleasure, to the public.

Today, the small parrot zoo is one of the leading attractions on the entire island of Sint Maarten.

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What will you see in the aviary?

At first glance, the aviary will seem quite small, but you can spend well over an hour here.

Parotte Ville is home to more than 400 parrots, as well as other species of songbirds and raptors. There is also a small pond with fish in which the birds like to drink.

On entering, each visitor is given a small bowl of bird's beak and, as the birds are used to people here, it won't take a minute before you can admire one of the parrots at close range.

The shabbier birds will not hesitate to sit on your shoulder or even on your head.

Entrance fees and opening hours

The Parrot Zoo Parrote Ville Bird Sanctuary is open daily from 9:30am to 4pm.

You pay for admission 10 usd and you can only pay in cash.

How to get there

Parrote Ville is located in the town of Dutch Quarter near the French border and not far from Philipsburg.

At the roundabout about 120 metres from the aviary, you can stop the minibus running about every 10 minutes along the route from Philipsburg to the French Quarter on the French side.

Free parking is available in the adjacent alley.

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