Simpson Bay

Simpson Bay

Simpson Bay is the most popular place for long-term stays in the Dutch part of St. Martin.

Simpson Bay is an easily accessible location from both the airport and Philipsburg. It has several luxury resorts, two long beaches and cheaper apartments.

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Beaches, swimming and entertainment

The town is divided into two parts by an artificial channel connecting the sea to the Simpson Bay lagoon.

  • Before the bridge - further north and closer to SXM airport
  • Behind the bridge - further south and closer to Koolbaai

The northern part is more residential with a long almost orphaned beach with no major facilities.

The southern part is much more lively with many restaurants, bars and a few huge hotel resorts.

Kim Sha Beach is one of the most visited beaches on Sint Maarten and has facilities in the form of several bars and sunbed and umbrella hire.

Visit the rum distillery

Off the main road on the border of Simpson Bay and Koolbaai, visit the largest (and one of the few) rum distilleries on St. Martin.

More information is described in a separate location detail.


The southern part of Simpson Bay caters to a discerning clientele in two large resorts that have access to private beaches.

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Transportation to Simpson Bay

There is a Philipsburg - Airport - Maho minibus service that runs every 5 to 10 minutes along the main street. For 1,50 usd you can get anywhere along the route.

You can park your car anywhere on the side streets where there are usually plenty of free spaces. Large public parking lots are not available here.

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