The capital of the Dutch part lies on a narrow isthmus separating the sea from the salt lake and is the centre of tourism on the island thanks to the port of the large cruise ships.

Choose cheap accommodation in Philipsburg

Locals often shorten the town's name to "Ph'burg" or "P-burg".

Philipsburg is made up of two main parallel streets connected by several side streets, making it virtually impossible to get lost.

Sights and attractions

There are plenty of shops and stores in Philipsburg where you can buy many things at very reasonable prices.

The town does not have any major historical monuments. There is nothing left of the former Fort Amsterdam, so you can mainly wander the streets and pick up souvenirs in the many shops.

On an island in the middle of a salt lake, you can see, for example, the government building of the Dutch part of St. Martin.

Beaches and swimming

Philipsburg is one of the leading beach destinations in the Dutch part.

Along the entire southern edge of the town stretches a roughly 1 km long beach with fine white sand and a very busy promenade with many restaurants, bars and shops.

The beach is not equipped with showers, but you can rent sun loungers and umbrellas. The typical price is 35 usd per day for a set of 2 sunbeds and an umbrella, but you usually get a beer or 2 cocktails with it.

The entrance to the water here is very gradual and safe. Occasionally there is a larger amount of seaweed on the beach.

Accommodation Philipsburg

Philipsburg is good for 1 or 2 nights' accommodation during a road-trip around the island, but there are better places on St Martin for longer stays.

There are some nice apartments in the town centre with prices around 120 usd.

Transportation to Ph'burg

All minibus routes leave from Philipsburg on the Dutch side, as well as a very busy international route via Cole Bay to Marigot on the French side.

The minibuses have a terminus near the harbour and all lines run along the Achterstraat through the city centre.

Free parking is available at several locations:

For detailed information about travelling around the island or taxi prices, see the Transport chapter.

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