Pic Paradis

Pic Paradis

Mount Pic Paradis is the highest peak on the entire island of Saint Martin. At 418 metres high, it exceeds the highest peak in the Dutch part of Sentry Hill by more than 70 metres.

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There is no marked hiking trail to Pic Paradis, but you can drive almost to the top.

Climbing the Pic Paradis

Overgrown unmarked paths lead towards Hope Estate via a large quarry and walking is not recommended.

Pic Paradis is therefore best reached by road.

From the main road between Marigot and Grand Case, a road winds through the tropical greenery almost to the top. Just below Pic Paradis is a luxury village with fenced villas and resorts.

You can park anywhere along the road (except for the last 150 metres or so, which is reserved for a luxury hotel resort). The last part of the road, about 500 meters, you come out on a not too steep walking path.

The view from Pic Paradis is definitely worth the trip. The most beautiful views open up especially on the northeastern part of the island.

The pedestrian section of the trail runs away from buildings and you won't encounter any loose dogs or other animals.

The road itself, although very steep in places, is passable for even the smallest of cars.

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