Anse Marcel

Anse Marcel

The resort at the bay of Anse Marcel is one of the most luxurious places in all of St Martin and is located in the northernmost area of the French part.

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The idyllic bay with its turquoise waters is lined with luxury resorts and hotels, and its remoteness from the big cities makes for a truly peaceful holiday.

Beaches and swimming

The beach in Anse Marcel Bay is covered with fine white sand and the water is very gentle. In places there are large flat rocks along the shore, but there are plenty of clean sandy entrances to the water.

Most of the beach is open to the general public and not just hotel guests. Entrance to the beach is free.

Due to the enclosed bay, the sea water is very calm and the edges of the bay create good conditions for snorkelling.

Part of the beach is equipped with sunbed rentals for the public (approx. 30 eur per day for a set of 2 sunbeds), part of the beach is only for guests of hotel resorts and the easternmost part of the beach is completely without equipment and with plenty of space for everyone.

There are no showers on the beach and you will only find the very expensive restaurants of the hotel resorts. If you are not staying here, we recommend you bring plenty of supplies.

Hotels in Anse Marcel

Stay in Anse Marcel if you want a peaceful holiday by the sea and are looking for quality above all when choosing your accommodation.

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How to get to the beach

Anse Marcel can only be reached by taxi or car.

The taxi fare from SXM airport is 50 usd.

When travelling by car, you may be surprised to find a checkpoint with a barrier that only closes for the night.

During the day, the passage is free for all and cars and the parking area down by the beach is also free to all cars.

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