Jardins du Trocadéro


The Trocadéro Gardens are one of the best views of the entire Eiffel Tower. The park has several levels and sections. At the highest point is the Trocadéro square, where there is a roundabout and you will walk between the buildings of the Palais de Chaillot. From here you have a direct view of the Eiffel Tower and the park with the water area below, which is reached by one of the staircases. The biggest landmark of the park is the so-called Warsaw Fountain with a total of 12 water jets. In the park you can still find the typical Carousel, which is a beautiful old carousel, as well as the aquarium and various museums.

Museums and aquarium

The buildings of the Chaillot Palace hide 3 interesting museums that can be visited here:

Almost a third of the Trocadéro gardens are then occupied by the Aquarium de Paris Cinéaqua, a Parisian aquarium that is one of the favourite stops for children, but also for adults if you want to break away from walking around the city.

The aquarium is located partly in a medieval underground quarry and is now one of the most important aquariums in France, with the largest artificial pool in the country. It contains more than 3 million litres of water and houses, among others, 30 sharks.

In total, you can admire 500 species of animals, 9,000 plants and 600 corals at the Cinéaqua Aquarium.

For information on admission fees or opening times, please visit the official website: www.aquariumdeparis.com


The area around the Trocadéro is a popular place to stay. The 16th arrondissement, in which it is located, is full of small pedestrian zones with cafés and restaurants, and the proximity to the main monuments is also an advantage. However, the cheapest hotels in the area don't usually drop below 110 eur per night in a double room. Among the most popular is the classic Best Western Premier Trocadero La Tour, with a great location.

Transport and location

The best option is the Trocadéro metro station (lines 6 and 9). There are also bus stops nearby with the same name. This place is often taken as a starting point when you want to visit the Eiffel Tower, as you slowly approach it and get different views of it.

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