Интернет и гнезда в Исландия

Дебелозъб пухчо

Find out whether you'll need an adaptor for a power socket when you travel to Iceland, or how widely available internet and mobile signal is.

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Electricity and sockets

The electricity grid in Iceland operates at 50 Hz and with a terminal voltage of 220 V. The voltage and socket system is the same as in other Nordic countries.

Sockets and plugs in Iceland are of type C or F with two round holes. An F-type socket also has two grounding strips. Most continental European countries use identical sockets, so travellers will not need an adapter.

Conversely, you will probably need an adapter when travelling from America, Britain or Asia.

  • Sockets - C and F
  • Voltage - 220 V
  • Frequency - 50 Hz


Although Iceland is not part of the EU, your mobile data will still work at no extra charge. Internet coverage in Iceland is very good in and around all major cities (at least over 500 inhabitants).

However, there are large areas of Iceland that are sparsely populated or completely deserted where even mobile signal does not work.

Public wi-fi networks are available in the vast majority of hotels and guesthouses and are also available in almost all restaurants, shopping centres or tourist attractions.

If you're from outside the EU, get Icelandic data e-sim quickly and easily on the web airalo.com.


The same rules apply to calling in Iceland for EU and UK mobile operators as if you were calling domestically.

So you'll be able to call home from Iceland at the same prices and tariffs as you would at home if you live in the EU or UK. Don't expect any extra roaming charges when you travel to Iceland.

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