The Sukhumvit district, with a number of similarly named streets distinguished only by numbers, is located in the eastern part of modern Bangkok and is one of the main centres of entertainment, vice and accommodation.

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Unlike the more famous Khaosan Road in Old Bangkok, Sukhumvit is a much larger, more vibrant and also significantly more expensive neighbourhood. It's bustling with life all day, but gets the best of itself after dark between 8pm and 3am.

Lively days, lively nights...

Sukhumvit is a large district with modern skyscraper buildings as well as the traditional low-rise houses of old Bangkok. It offers practical uses and entertainment, day and night.

During the day, Sukhumvit has many classic restaurants and stalls, and classic massage parlours are open throughout the day, virtually all over the district.

But it's only as darkness falls that Sukhumvit transforms into Bangkok's most vibrant district. More and more stalls appear on the streets, restaurants open, and above all erotic cabarets and go-go bars. Many massage parlours are becoming more than just massage parlours and the streets are flooded with sex workers.

It's worth bearing in mind that all services on Sukhumvit are 2-3 times more expensive than in the rest of the city.

Where to go on Sukhumvit

You'll come across three main entertainment streets in the area, each offering something a little different.

Nana Plaza and Sukhumvit 4 - the former Nana Plaza shopping centre now bills itself as Asia's biggest adult playground. Lovers of strip and go-go shows, massages and, of course, a full range of erotic and sexual services will find their way to Nana Plaza and the adjacent Sukhumvit 4.

At Nana Plaza, fantasies are virtually limitless. You will find many bars on the ground floor, where you can just choose one of the local workers and take her to the upper floors with short-term hotel rooms.

Soi Cowboy is a short alleyway on the east side of Sukhumvit in close proximity to Sukhumvit (blue line) and Asok (light green line) metro stations. It's literally dotted with go-go bars on both sides, with plenty of prostitutes who can be taken to hourly hotels here too. But you'll also find classic dance bars and discos where interaction with the ladies is not directly required.

Sukhumvit 11 is one of the most "conventional" streets. You'll find mainly classic restaurants and bars here, but you'll notice prostitutes on every corner. Even the massage parlours here often offer superior services.

Accommodation Sukhumvit

The district is one of the most popular for accommodation. For one thing, you'll experience the true vibrancy of Bangkok here, and for another, Sukhumvit is very accessible by two subway lines.

You can also find very cheap and relatively well rated and high quality 3* or 4* hotels in the area. Examples of such hotels, where you can stay even under 40 usd per night, include the following:

But you can also stay at better hotels of multinational chains for very good prices. For example, we would recommend these:

Transportation to Sukhumvit

The area is very accessible by metro using several stations:

  • Nana - light green BTS line (close to Sukhumvit 11 or Nana Plaza)
  • Asok - light green BTS line (close to Soi Cowboy)
  • Sukhumvit - blue MRT line (close to Soi Cowboy)

There is also a "water bus" boat line that runs along the northern edge of Sukhumvit, which will take you further into the centre to Pratunam Pier and, with a change to another boat line, perhaps to Wat Saket temple.

There are also many bus stops on the main street running through the centre of the district. Use them to travel to areas not served by the metro:

  • Old Bangkok (Wat Pho and Grand Palace): 2, 25, 48, 508
  • Old Bangkok (Khaosan Road): 2, 508
  • Hua Lamphong Station: 25, 40, 501
  • Chinatown: 25, 40
  • Wat Arun: 40
  • South Bus Station: 511

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