Père-Lachaise Cemetery

Pere Lachaise Cemetery

The most visited cemetery in the world and the largest in Paris is located in the western part of the city. While you might think that it might not be the best trip, the opposite is true, as evidenced by its attendance. It was opened in 1804 in place of the original large garden. Today, however, it still resembles more of a beautiful and peaceful garden with many trees and filled with sculptures and ornate tombstones.

Buried personalities

There are around 70,000 tombstones here, and among them are mostly well-known personalities from all over the world and from different areas. Some of the most visited sites include the tombstone of rock star Jim Morrison, as well as the philosopher August Comte, Czech painter František Kupka, playwright Molière, car industrialist Armand Peugeot, painter Georges Seurat, singer Édith Piaf and writer Oscar Wilde.

Admission and opening hours

If you'll be in Paris for several days, it's definitely worth a visit. There is no admission charge for the whole site and opening hours vary according to the season.

  • November-mid-March: 8am-5:30pm Monday-Friday, 8:30am on Saturdays and 9am on Sundays.
  • Mid-March-October: only extended opening hours until 18:00.

The cemetery has a total of 5 entrances, but the main one is the largest one on the Boulevard de Ménilmontant opposite Rue de la Roquette. Right next door you will find the Philippe Auguste metro station, which is served by line 2.

For more information: pere-lachaise.com or www.paris.fr (here you can download a pdf map of the cemetery).

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